Drug & Alcohol Screening 

 5/ 10 / 12Panel Express Testing (Oral / Urine)

When you need accurate results fast, the Express Test is the only way to go. We check for the most commonly abused drugs (5 panel includes Amphetamines, Cannabinoids, Cocaine, Opiates and Phencyclidine) immediately and on-site. Our scientific system checks for the most common adulterants to ensure accurate results. ACESO Medical follows the most rigorous standards even for our express tests, which means you get world class professional drug tests at an economical price. With the addition of 10 and 12 panel testing, a wider spectrum of substances can be detected, including many commonly abused Rx drugs.  

Lab Based Drug Tests / D.O.T.

ACESO Medical is proud to be able to provide lab based / DOT compliant on-site drug testing. All our tests are performed by a team of dedicated professional technicians who adhere to and comply with all current testing regulations. All samples, once collected, are sent to a certified lab for confirmation of results. Lab testing can be performed on non-negative results from our express tests for the best combination of price and accuracy. 

Hair Follicle Testing

When you need information covering long periods of time, hair follicle testing is the way to go.  Available in 5 Panel or 5 Panel + Extended Opiates.

Evidential Alcohol Screening

Get documented, reliable, instant results either at our office location or on your site.