Aceso Direct -Online Results Portal

 Aceso Direct is a cutting-edge online system, offered exclusively for use by Aceso clients. This proprietary database is your solution for managing employee occupational tests. Utilizing the newest technologies, this encrypted channel provides a convenient hub for tracking, analyzing, reporting, recalling, and scheduling tests required by legislation and company policies to protect workers’ health. 

Most online systems are built simply as appointment-tracking apps. Aceso Direct, however, has been purposefully designed to provide built-in solutions to organizational challenges associated with medical monitoring. Enjoy easy access to all records for an individual patient or employee, virtually eliminating the cost and time associated with manually tracking and managing employee testing. 


Employee Focused 

The “Employee First” layout of Aceso Direct means all data for each individual employee is always in one place. No more searching for results. 

At a Glance Tracking 

With you in mind, we placed program management and scheduling at the forefront of our design choices. Algorithms built into Aceso Direct allow you to easily identify when a worker is due for a test. Programs include: Audiometric, Fit Testing, SCBA, PFT and more. 

Privacy Assured 

Aceso Medical takes your privacy seriously. All data is encrypted and protected with mitigating security controls. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day with proprietary technology to watch for and thwart any attempts at unauthorized intrusions. 

Reporting Made Easy 

To reduce your administrative time, Aceso Direct offers extensive built-in reporting functions. Generate lists immediately to recall previous tests or populate a list of workers due for upcoming testing. Enjoy a variety of reports that can be generated in mere seconds, saving you hours in tedious paperwork. 

Test Result Sharing 

Sharing test results has never been easier. Quickly email single or multiple test records to further improve efficiency and streamline your process.