Uninsured Services

Aceso Medical takes pride in being part of Canada's world class universal health care system. However, it is important to note that while the vast majority of your medical care is covered under this system some services are not. Aceso medical provides an exhaustive list of non-insured services to our patients which in include the following:


Out of Country / Province Visits

Skin Tag Removal

Cosmetic Lesions Removal

Wart Removal ( Non-Plantar)

Mole Removal

Botox (for wrinkles & migraines) 

Pre-Employment Assessment

Driver's Medical

Custom Moulded Hearing Protection

Phone / Fax Prescription Renewal

Sick Note / Back to Work Note

Chart Transfers

Blue Cross Authorization Forms

CRA Forms

Note for Physio / Chiro

Handicap Parking Forms

Day Care Forms

Physical Forms for Camp / School

and more...


We understand that not all our patients will be able to afford the above services. As a service to the community we are so proud to be part of any patients receiving CPP, EI or AISH may complete a Community Support Exemption Form to waive the associated fees.